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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bag to School

Fortunately, from the new Style.com SEARCH feature, we were able to access to the various kinds of trends, categorized by dates and designers. Since its the beginning of school period, we took the initiative to hunt down school bags (translated into big, chunky bags) to flaunt! And maybe those could be for corporate usage too! Anyhow... ...

First stop. The Luella Spring 2007 collection! It is so down to earth, we are ready to bow down to it. Barlett's bags, complementing the modish black and white series, is armed with charms and are in bright hues. Suitable for us colleges fashionista. Our favourite would be the one that model Anouck Lepere is holding; shiny bold pink with one single solitary chunky charm! We apologize if this is not the best picture for this bag but even the side view makes you weak in the knees, no?

Photo Credit: Style.com

Of course, Bagsnob.com is another stop for the ultimate "IT" Bags. There, we found a gray MiuMiu's Ostrich Vitella bag! We have to agree with Bagsnob. The youthfulness of this bag could be handed down in the shape and that piece of gold, resting in the midst of gray! How lovely! One tip's for sure: gray is the NEW Black this season!
Photo Credit: Bagsnob.com

Another similar Anya Hindmarch piece would be its Carker bowling bag - shining black in colour with signature buckle fastening pouch pocket on the front. Available on Net-a-Porter.com for $995.00! We really dig the buckle which is patented with an adorable bow. The strap's (unlike the MiuMiu's above) is detachable - meaning, it could be carried about for all occasions! When its time for school, hook it on! It would be really gorgeous to hang this precious on your favourite (any colour will do; for black goes well even with all colours under the sun!) trench coat and some Mary Janes! (; Strut in style, sister. We promise you, heads will turn!

Photo Credit: Net-A-Porter.com

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Friday, September 28, 2007

H Fredriksson

Once upon a time, we were happilly bouncing of some of our favourite blogs when time stops for a little while and our heart fluttered a bit. What do we have here? H.Fredriksson, Fashionista.com says. Brooklyn based HOME SCHOOLED designer. Oh, interesting! Let us see his works. Clickety-click and it was couture orgasm for the first time.

Fredriksson’s work of art (Fall 2007 Collection) broke all boundaries. Electric blue stockings and orange based outfit, how often designers dare to explore that unsafe area. Okay, maybe quite a number. But none has made them look this good, right? Seriously, sometimes designs can turn out utterly unmentionable.

Our personal favorite would be that turtleneck black and orange frock, blue stockings (hmm-mm) and knee high boots. But looking at it closely, we came upon a shy realization that hell, no. They aren’t knee high boots but knee high stockings with mary janes. OH! How brilliant! Although we must warn our beloved readers that if you do not have skinny legs like their models, double stockings may add a gigazillion pounds to your thighs. And that checked cropped jacket is to die for!

Curiousity is a blessing in disguise, isn’t it?

Photo Credit: H Fredriksson.com

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BCBG Max Azria

Who says no to the Azrias must be shot in the head.

Spring 2008 Ready to Wear depicts feminism just the way it should be - soft, demure and sensual. Themed with sheer fabrics, all of which are within the neutral palette of colours. The contra between what that was in the previous collection and this is extravagant - it was much darker back then, but now Lubov Azria is putting a little light into his creations. Or so, that’s what he told Style.com after his show. But we have to say, don’t stare into the light for long, you might just go fashionably blind.

The Azrias allow their most of their dresses to flow beneath the knee, clutched at the waist to embrace the sexiness. However, there were a handful of them that broke the monotony. Kept its length to be long enough to cover it all, yet short enough to be interesting. Those are the ones that turn our knees into jelly! Its so youthful, we can dance in the rain with it!

We also noted that the Azrias has complemented their frocks with multi-tiered belts which are tied with knots. Not exactly a trend started, in this case but yes, its a lovely touch. Bravo once again, Azria! (:

Photo Credit: Vogue.com

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PS: Credits to Alice from Deviantart.com

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