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Friday, October 26, 2007

Leave Absence

Sorry about that my girls (or guys), due to the coming of my Finals, I have to ask for a leave of absence.

Will miss you all terribly.

Be back on 9th of November.

Or maybe sooner! (; Until then, strut in style.

The Couture Doll


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Monday, October 22, 2007

UPDATE: Kate Moss TopShop

PS: Remember that Kate Moss's sequined dress that she rocked at Fashion Rocks? Well, now you can own that gorgeous dress (at a fraction of the price - I hope) because TopShop is being generous. Selected stores carry this dress only - sorry, Malaysians. Better luck next time!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

We puked our breakfast

Why? This is why. We went into No Good for Me and we found this.

This horrible, horrigible pictures of Pete and Irina. We are no fans of Pete. He's a big big pile of mess. Irina has stamps pasted on her eyes. Poor girl.

And thank goodness gracious Moss ditched him. She deserves better.

Seriously *shake head* not good for us. Not good for you too.

Want more? Have them at your own breakfast risk.


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fashion Revolutionary

If you are a designer label sucker cum computer geek, you should have seen it. That Giorgio Armani's interview with Candy Pratt Price of Style.com in Second Life that aired this 28 September 2007. If you are not and have not, click here.

How many of you people actually play Second Life? Personally, we have tried our hands on that but soon grew too tired of pole dancing trying to earn a few Lindens (that's their currency). Also, too many perverts. Other than that, its quite nice. Met a few friends there which we are extremely grateful to.

Fashion is turning more and more Internet-dependent, which is technically a good thing for us here in Malaysia - for we lack the fashion coverage!

We heard from Susie Bubble of Style Bubble screaming about her new craze - StyleShake where you can design your own dress virtually and have it delivered at your doorstep in a matter of days! That, my friend, must be one of our favourite business ideas ever. Period.

Also, anyone heard about the Internet Fashion Week that is coming in 2008? Oh, yay!


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Friday, October 19, 2007

Kate Moss for Prince's Trust

Last night, Kate Moss dazzled in her shimmering silk flapper dress she designed with TopShop at the Fashion Rocks. Today, Moss is reportedly going to auction off that dress on eBay for the benefits of the Prince's Trust (a charity). That dress is worth £40,000 and is embroidered with 60,000 crystal beads.

Kate said, “When I was invited to create a dress to wear at Swarovski Fashion Rocks this 1920s flapper style immediately came to mind. The period has been a major inspiration for my autumn/winter designs for TopShop and just felt perfect… I’m honoured to have the opportunity to raise funds for the Prince’s Trust as it’s a great cause. Plus, I get to wear my own amazing couture dress, even if it’s just for the night.”

Are you bidding your kid's college funds for this sexy number?

[Source: Daily Telegraph]


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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shoes and Hosieries

No doubt the hosieries are here to stay, regardless of where you are from - East or West. Couture In the City did some fantastic work on what to wear your hosieries with; may it be edgy, trendy or classy. (We personally love the Hillary look. Little Duff's grown up so much!)

We were so intrigued to try the looks that Couture In the City advised that we dug through our closet to find ours. And there we go (over to ShopBop.com), hunting for various nice looking shoes to match them.

Okay, for this post, we want you to have a really good imagination! Think plain, black (to make matters simple) stockings in those babies:

First stop, BOOTIES! We have a pair, very much similar to that Frye one! White's our favourite!


Dolce Vita

Scorah Pattullo

Then, you have your pumps. We prefer pumps that have straps over them to overshadow the monotony of the hosiery. Lovely, aren't they? (;

Dolce Vita

Leopoldo Giordano

And what about wedges? Can we see them coming? Hosieries plus wedges? ... We don't think so. Anyhows, those are our favourites from Shopbop.com!

Jean Paul Cazabat

Dolce Vita

Oh, and F*ing has some really pretty patterned stockings you should all check out! Unfortunately for us, the site is in Japanese. So just browse through the pretty pictures!


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Pink Rock Candy is doing it. So is Glam and Tonic. Everyone's talking about their favourite tees and where to get them. So we thought we'd follow the norm and hunted (nose first!) into all the potential tees shop that might make us fall head over heels.

We, of course, will obviously think first of all of CustomizedGirl, where you can totally personalized; squeezing out every bit and drip of your creativity to get what you want unto your shirts, lingerie, hoodie .. anything! Best of all, the shirts made by you could be distributed as gifts. We love the idea of giving someone something that is not "buy-able and unique", don't you?

Customized Girl

Besides, type in "CJ05" and get 10% off your CUSTOM SHIRTS!

Another teetastic spot we found was Species by the Thousands! Unlike CustomizedGirl, Species by the Thousand create their tees with slightly dark humour and silhouettes! Their designs are in basic white and black - so the M.O.D!

We also love how they have came up with so many items besides tees - hand painted shoes and baseball wall plaques (other gift options!) Check out their products below:


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